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My Unique Approach to Wedding Photography


My name is Paul and I discovered my passion for wedding photography after being asked to photograph a close friends wedding after he was let down by his photographer. Since then I have had the honour of photographing many couple's 'Big Day' and am in the fortunate position to be able to call myself a Wedding Photographer. I never imagined that I would ever have my dream job and take great pleasure and pride in every wedding I photograph!

If you have just begun your search for a photographer I know it can be difficult differentiating between one photographer and another, so I have included a few pointers to help you make an informed decision.
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  • - My Photographic Style
    Photographic styles range between traditional posed photography and natural documentary images. I recommend looking at a couple of whole weddings before making a decision on what suits you best as this is the most realistic representation of a photographer's work. My photographic style combines elements of both. Primarily I aim to capture the excitement and emotion of the day through a series of natural, spontaneous images. However, I am also inspired by creating beautiful, flattering images of the bride & groom which make the most of your chosen venue.
  • - Quality of Equipment
    High quality cameras and lenses are crucial in terms of producing the most creative natural light photography and allow the photographer to shoot in low light without flash to preserve the ambience and atmosphere of the venue. They also allow 'shallow depth of field' to creatively blur out backgrounds. I use Nikon equipment which gives me top quality consistent images.
  • - Ability to 'seize the moment"
    No matter how expensive the equipment, if the photographer is slow off the mark they will miss crucial moments. Good reportage photography is dependent on an instinctive ability to be in the right place at the right time and know just when to press the shutter. Working quickly and capturing the moment is the key. I love the fast-paced nature of wedding photographer and am driven to capture those amusing, romantic or significant moments that will be meaningful to you in the future.
  • - Personality
    By glancing through a whole wedding it should be apparent how comfortable the guests were with the photographer. However, a meeting with the photographer is essential so you can decide whether he or she will fit in with you and your guests on your Big Day. A friendly, relaxed approach and an ability to put you at ease is essential.
  • - Quantity & Quality of Photos
    Your photos will be taken in RAW format rather than JPEG in order to give you highest quality file available. Depending on the amount of time I am booked for you will get on average between 300 - 700 images on your USB memory stick. These images will all be colour corrected and 'Copyright Free' which means that you can get them printed wherever and whenever you like without having to go through me. To show you off to your best all of the 'couple' pictures of the Bride and Groom shall be retouched.
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After browsing through my galleries, if you feel my style may be what you are looking for please do not hesitate to call me for a chat about your requirements. Alternatively you can leave a message through the contact page.

If you have any queries or would like to see some whole weddings online please do not hesitate to ask.

I shall look forward to hearing from you.